Promissory Notes

Witty and wryly observed, this inspiring women’s fiction examines a thirty- something woman getting a new lease of life, her unexpected romantic interlude, and an encounter with a long-held family secret that threatens to undo her newfound happiness.

At age thirty-seven, never-married Carol is a laid-off public school music teacher who has put her life on hold to attend to her ailing mother Mary. Yet when Carol’s mother passes, the music teacher will undergo a short period of mourning before launching a new life that is unexpectedly better. Within a scant few weeks, she meets a captivating stranger from out of town and embarks on a full-blown romantic adventure. Testing her newfound ability to swim and dive through life’s emotions, she journeys to Maine with her cousin Edna in search of fulfillment and self-discovery.

Now with life finally delivering on its promise of optimism and renewal, Carol will encounter a shocking family secret that has the power to damage and burn through her most cherished relationships. She could fall back on her well-formulated defenses and return to the ho-hum life she purveyed for so many dull years. Or she could summon the courage to forge ahead and make a new life, regardless of the repercussions.

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