About Paul Mazzarella
Paul Mazzarella has lived in the Greater Boston area for all fifty-five years of his life and has recently moved to Salem, Massachusetts with his supportive wife of twenty-one years, Susie, and their mischievous three-year-old Vizsla, Dante. After enduring a thirty-year career as an institutional trader in investment banking, Paul decided the confines of working in a stodgy office were no longer for him, and excitedly pursued his lifelong dream of writing fiction.

Paul has treasured his newfound creative freedom and The Knockoff Bag is his second novel written within the past year. His debut novel, Promissory Notes, completed within six weeks after he bid farewell to his former profession, was published in November of 2012. He is enthusiastically working on his third novel and already has imagined a storyline for a fourth project in the near future.

An avid sports fan and fitness buff, Paul loves to travel and meet interesting people from all walks of life. He looks forward to having a dialogue with his fans and encourages them to peruse the website and also check out his blog, “Muzzy’s Mind.”